AI-powered Visual Manufacturing Inspection

FotoNow is an AI-powered visual inspection system for high-value manufacturing and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimize manufacturing agility and quality, factory throughput and capital spending.

Why FotoNow

FotoNow is an AI-powered manufacturing vision inspection system and offers  fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimizing manufacturing agility and quality, factory throughput and capital spending. 

It increased productivity by reducing the setup time to hours, instead of months. With FotoNow, quality inspection is automated and completely flexible; it easily adapts to agile manufacturing processes. Automated image collection provides immediate image access, information sharing and visual evidence with comprehensive metadata to document defects for customer recalls, insurance claims, compliance, and inter-departmental accountability processes. 

Workers are provided with direct and real-time feedback to accelerate the learning curve for new employees and products to eliminate human error. FotoNow supports GDPR-compliant human-assisted automation processes and reduces the need for monotonous manual inspections. This reduces customer recalls from faulty products and is improving the brand image of your company through improved product quality.

FotoNow has done more than 20,000,000 inspections in real-production environments and drastically reduces reworks with a production accuracy of more than 99%, and drastically reduces capital spending with up to €1,000,000 compared to previous solutions.

Improving Manufacturing Agility and Quality

  •  Setup time in days instead of months
  • Reducing number of recalls
  • Improving quality and brand image

Improving Factory and Product Throughput

  • Reducing number of production stoppages
  • Reducing the learning curve of workers
  • Direct feedback during the ramp up phase of new product introduction
  • Enabling best practices sharing across plants


Reducing Capital Spending and Running Cost

  • Reducing rework; in one case this saved approximately €500,000 per year
  • In one case saved more than €1,000,000 as compared with previous solution
  • Reducing number of manual inspections

Key Capabilities

Quick installation and simple to use

  • Customers can easily provision new test cases with FotoNow’s self-service AI technology.
  • Fotonow system setup doesn’t require any special system or IT knowledge, and can be used by virtually any plant employee.


Smooth integration

  • Camera agnostic and works with the cameras you already have, off-the-shelf devices, and smartphone devices. 
  • Securely stores all inspection images in cloud service of your choice (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  • Integrates easily with existing manufacturing and enterprise systems, such as IPSQ, IPSL, and other industrial standard protocols.
  • Equipped with a business intelligence dashboard to optimize plant performance and notifies relevant team members of defects in real time by email, SMS or 80+ built-in industrial connectors.


  • Maintains high accuracy with moving objects and high frequency vibrations. 
  • Works seamlessly in changing light conditions. 
  • Operates well in confined spaces and adapts to changing manufacturing processes quickly.
  • Detect multiple defect types, including scratches, missing parts, misplaced parts, dents, color issues, or dust

Handles multiple data types

  • Digitize text or label information in the image with the FotoNow’s OCR engine and adds the information as meta information.
  • Detect multiple defect types, including scratches, missing parts, misplaced parts, dents, color issues, or dust.

Technological Overview

Traditional solutions claim to have AI and deep learning models, but, in real-life production environments, they fail. Existing solutions can’t handle varying light conditions, small spaces, and heavy vibration that are common in most factories. Hardware-based competitors can only provide academic or research models. In contrast, FotoNow has developed real-world models that are designed and tested to work in real-world manufacturing environments. Our customers are exited about their FotoNow systems, because they consistently produce results with 99+% accuracy. In contrast to traditional visual quality systems, that deliver sub-par results that are insufficient to support their manufacturing operations.

Collect Image Data

FotoNow has developed sophisticated algorithms that combine techniques from fluid mechanics, deep learning and computer vision to effectively handle manufacturing processes that include motion and vibration to capture a crisp sharp image.

Optimize Image

FotoNow has developed proprietary image enhancement technology which  incorporates super resolution and deep learning algorithms to significantly increase image resolution, image quality and inspection accuracy.


Defect Detection & Notification

FotoNow inspects all defects in the camera’s field of vision by employing deep learning in combination with advanced segmentation and posnet models, and notifies relevant team member of defects in real time by email, SMS or 80+ built-in industrial connectors.


Here’s how you can work with us

Schedule an appointment

You are curious to hear more about FotoNow?

Contact us if you want to know more about FotoNow for optimizing manufacturing agility, quality, factory productivity and capital spending.


Definition of Success Criteria 

FotoNow seems to be the right solution for you?  

We are exited to hear all about your requirements. You and the FotoNow team hold a one-day onsite at your production to understand your requirements, objectives, and deployment environment.   

Getting the system operational

You want to start with a Proof of Concept?

The customer will provide and install the cameras (existing or new), mounting hardware, etc. The FotoNow team will advise the customer regarding the optimal setup and on any camera question. 

Testing & Productionizing

You are ready to use FotoNow in your production?

It usually takes 2 weeks for requirement definition and to get the system operational. The FotoNow team will provide a dedicated customer success manager for you to regularly make sure that all requirements are met. You can test FotoNow for 60 days in total. 

Florian Ziesche

Florian Ziesche

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Zeeshan Karamat

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Doug Brent

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Chuck Devita

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Christine Heuwing

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Gunther Friedl

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Franz Brand

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